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eLearning Video Design 

Through the use animated video technology, D. Walker Consultants (DWC) is helping companies transform existing learning material into memorable eLearning experiences that engage learners in a way that audio and text cannot and breaks up the monotony that is all too characteristic of informational modules. Instead of reading through blocks of texts or disengaging with audio alone, movement and context brings the concepts to life for learners.


DWC can enhance an organization's current training material or design new material for your training needs.  We easily transition classroom content into an e-Learning format that will make access to learning available to employees at any time. After discussing your specific training needs, we will customize a technologically-based, self-guided training module that can be easily uploaded and stored on a company's Web or Intranet portal. This will help deliver a Just-in-time learning tool for workers when and where they need it to help solve problems, perform specific tasks or quickly update their skills.


Our e-Learning modules can include interactive exercises with which participants can test their knowledge and experiment with what they have learned in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. This module can also serve as a reference tool for all supervisors, managers and employees when used:


  • During New Employee Orientations;

  • As annual refresher training for current employees;

  • As a form of corrective action in findings of discrimination or violations of policy; and

  • As a resource for users to focus on "nuggets" of information as needed to perform specific tasks and solve problems as they crop up.

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